As the Stomach Turns

When last we left Canoga Falls... Your maid quit?  Well it was nice talking to you Maude.

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  Hello Raven.

Hello Grandmother Marion.
No, no no dear, Aunt Marion, I'm much to young to be your grandmother.


So you had them.


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  It's so good to be alive on such a bright and shiny day.
Cheer up dear.


  You forgot that last  caramel cream.

 ...these are your wonder years.

Aunt Marion, I predict that you are about to have a severe bursitis attack.
Why that's ridiculous, I mean I couldn't have that, I'm only 28 years old.

Was it her prediction or did God get me for lying?


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Marion:  I want you to let it all hang out.

Raven: Get lost ya ol bat.

A 12 year old child with the voice of a man and the strength of 3 men... could it be she's possessed? By John Wayne?

So right?
So right.

Why, it's Auto Blackflag, Canoga Falls leading exterminator.   ...   ...

She seems pretty normal to me, what's the problem?   ... Excavation, excitement, ex-wife... you know something, come to think of it, there was no excitement with my ex-wife.

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