Harvey Kormen

BURNETT was devastated by Korman's death, said her assistant, Angie Horejsi. "She loved Harvey very much," Horejsi said.

VICKI LAWRENCE says, "How fortunate was I as an 18-year-old idiot to run headlong into the greatest sketch comedian of all time, Harvey Korman. He was a mentor and a friend to me. It was impossible not to learn from him, even if just by osmosis. Comedy was very serious business to Harvey. At the core of all his silly, hysterical characters was something honest and true. That was his gift to his fans and that was his gift to me. There isn't a comedian in my generation who didn't look to Harvey as a huge influence. His passing marks an important moment in television history and is a great loss for his family and those of us lucky enough to have watched, laughed, and worked with him."

Another "Burnett Show" co-star LYLE WAGGONER told ET: "The passing of Harvey Korman is a terrible loss to the entertainment world. His amazing creative comedy talent will be remembered forever in television history. It was an honor and privilege to have known him and worked with him.

"He really had a really rough time," TIM CONWAY shares. Then he goes on to say, "The nice thing about television is you never really lose the person," recalling their work together on "The CAROL BURNETT Show" and Harvey's film work, including 'Blazing Saddles' and 'High Anxiety.'

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A tribute poem from a fellow fan:

FEBRUARY 15, 1927 – MAY 29, 2008

From "The Flintstones" to "Tom and Jerry"
To a loved, and well known comedy Star
Now, all we have are those memories
As Harvey looks down, from afar.

Millions watched his long career
With laughter’s tears, filling their eyes
Now, many more tears fall, in sorrow
At our loss, the whole World cries.

Del "Abe" Jones


























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